Mission, Vision & History

                                             Irwin Jacobs Elementary


We believe…

If  21st century instructional personnel value the worth and capacity of each child in their classroom to achieve educational growth and are committed to applying learned strategies from effective differentiated and tiered       instructional practices...

Then successful students will be able to     effectively communicate knowledge and ideas through critical and collaborative thinking skills while maintaining a positive relationship with others and self as they make decisions for their career or college pathway.


We see a school where educators are equipped and empowered to provide  authentic  personalized instruction for each student to meet or exceed grade level    expectations.


John Hannigan was born in England on March 20, 1867 and became a United States citizen on October 17, 1891.  John Hannigan died in New Bedford on November 21, 1923.

Mr. Hannigan, a champion of the labor        movement, was employed in local mills as a mulespinner and later became President of the Mulespinners’ Union.  He was elected a member of the Common Council of the City of New   Bedford as a representative of Labor; he         represented Ward Six in 1899 and 1900. Mr. Hannigan was elected to the board of Alderman from Ward Six in 1904, 1905, 1919, 1911 and 1912.  He was Chairman of the Board of Aldermen and became acting Mayor of New Bedford in 1912.

During his political career, he promoted the    construction of the Municipal Bathhouses, the building of a south end Skating Pond and a   Baseball Field in Ward Six. Mr. Hannigan was elected   Assessor-at-Large from December 1912 until his death on November 21, 1923. 

The John Hannigan School was erected in 1919 and completed in 1921 at 33 Emery Street during Mayor Walter H. B. Remington’s administration.  The school was named the Emery Street School and later dedicated to honor John Hannigan on Sunday, January 27, 1924.

The John Hannigan School has been housed at the New Bedford Marine Science Education   Center Sea Lab since May 2008 due to structural     damages. 

A newly constructed John Hannigan School for 400+ students is  projected to open September 2017.